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Design for You is our new service for those clients who have difficulty to finalize the product concepts, transfer those great ideas into the product images and then accomplish the best 3D prototypes or make the decision on their brand name, logo, and label and hang tag for the mass products or related issues.


With our 20 years of practical experience in designing, development and manufacturing in toys & gifts industry, we develop more than 3,000 styles of prototypes each year. We can help you to analyze and manage your projects case by case according to your strategy. We will work with you closely step by step to meet your satisfaction. Our goal is to Bring Your Plush Ideas to Life.


Our service charge is flexible and reasonable according to the industrial standard. There are three ways for the clients to choose the development fees according to your requirements for various cases.



We offer half an hour free consulting at the very beginning and then after that will be $100 for two hours telephone consulting or make an appointment with us for face to face meeting in our office if you decide to use our service. If you will choose the prototype package, it will include the free consultation of any questions you have during the project development. We will give you an evaluation of your project designs, unit price, and the directions of marketing and so on. So please have your product information ready before you contact with us.


Please feel free to send your inquiry to sales@dfplush.com ; we will get back to you as soon as we can.   Thank you for visiting us.



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To send in your inquiry, please email to sales@dfplush.com , thank you.email

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