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1.      Freelance Graphic designers for plush toys, soft dolls and gifts design, packaging, website designer 

1)   Capable for sketches and colorful drawing both in manual drawing and computer drawing.
2)      At least with 3 years of related working experience.
3)      Please indicate the software you can use.
4)      Please attach some of your finished art works which you have done for other clients or companies for our reference.
5)      Please advice what is your best ability on drawing of animals, dolls or packaging: please only choose one.
6)      Website designer (shopping cart) 

2.      Sales/Marketing representative for wholesale and retail business:
1)      At least 4 years of related working experience.
2)      Please list your past working experience, the job title and responsibilities.       3)   Sales you have done during last four years when you work for others
4)   List the contact person & phone number for your past employers for our reference. 

3.  Part-time sewing workers
1)      3-5 years sewing-experience of the clothes and toys.
2)      Please indicate your experiences of what kind of clothes you can sew and make. 

4. If you have less than two years of working experience, you are required to write a brief proposal how you can promote our sales with your capability, what is your advantage. Please email to your resume to jobs@dfplush.com Thank you.  

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