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We are a comprehensive plush toy development and supply company. With our full range of expertise, we work with our clients to design and develop their plush toy ideas in a timely and cost effective manner, with a minimum of inconvenience, and ensure a quality finished product.


We will also work with you on any of the various product development stages, -


First stage: Product Concept Development

  • Product creative concept;
  • Choosing Materials;
  • Prototype design instruction;
  • Cost Estimation.

Second Stage: Manufacture of the Prototype

  • 1st prototype manufacture
  • Final prototype manufacture
  • Cost Estimation

Third Stage: Mass production

  • Factory prototype manufacture;
  • Produce mass product sample;
  • Price Negotiation;
  • Execute mass production;
  • Quality control;
  • Shipping.

We believe because of our unique history of 20 years of manufacturing experience and of producing on average 3,500 designs per year; we are especially qualified to be your supplier. We manufacture only in ISO9001/2 International Quality Standard certified factories and we follow toy Safety Standards such as ASTM963 (US Standards) and EN71 (European Standards). As owners of plush toy manufacturing facilities in China for over 20 years we have an intimate knowledge and understanding of what goes into the design and manufacturing of plush toy prototypes and finished products.


The knowledge we have gained through our history as owners and operators of plush toy manufacturing facilities in China enables us to better control the design and manufacturing process itself. And cost when it comes to developing your plush toy idea this translates into savings for you in time. So, when it comes to effective communication with the factory in China, we speak their language in more ways than one!


If you have any questions about our various services, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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