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We first entered the plush toy manufacturing business in China in 1990 with a modest investment, an enthusiastic spirit and dreams of success! We named our company “Defeng”, meaning “Harvest of Virtue”.


Within a short time we were successful enough to open our own factory with 100 workers, 100 sets of sewing machines, two sets of cutting machines, and two assembly lines, with a capacity of 6,000 pieces of plush toys per day. Very soon our production facilities extended to five factories with 500 sewing machines and 1500 trained workers.


Employing a hardworking spirit, we steadily gained the trust of international companies such as Bon Japan, Guarantee Limited South Korea, Sanrio Japan, Hello Kitty Japan, Disneyland Japan, Peanuts Club Japan.


Based upon our fair pricing, our product quality control and our on-time delivery record, we built our business from year to year on reorders from these valued customers.


In 1996  we decided to expand our market beyond Asia. In that year we established a California Corporation (D&F Corp.) with an office in Los Angeles, California to serve the North American market. 


Our customer base soon expanded to include Price Club USA, Golden Bears USA, Breyers USA, among others. We are proud to have helped JC Bears Inc. (Celebrity Bears) in developing their product lines and launching their products. Another successful client was Golden Bears; we helped them from the design stage through prototype stage, and the manufacturing of their first National Basketball Association licensed bears. We also worked with Reeves International in designing and manufacturing their “bull” plush toy for the United States Professional Bull Riders Tour.


To handle our growing list of customers and their requirements, we enlarged and expanded from one to four factories. As we grew, our new factories were better organized to efficiently handle the different processes such as cutting, embroidering, sewing, assembling, packing which go into the manufacturing of plush toys. The three additional factories provided for an additional 1,200 workers, 500 sets of sewing machines, two stuffing machine, six assembling lines, and one embroidery factory with 18 German and Japanese embroidery machines. 


In 1997 we were honored to be the first manufacturer in Shandong Province to receive ISO9002 International Quality Certificate issued by CCIB(China).


As time went on we realized that our main strength and asset was our ability to understand what is required to produce a plush toy idea from concept to reality.


After many years of valuable working experience with customers such as Japan Disneyland, Breyers etc, we made a strategic decision to focus on what has over the years become our core expertise – creative product research, design and development of plush toys.


We strive to achieve a high level of design and quality development in our products and work closely with our clients on mass production orders, always ensuring on-time delivery of the goods to our client's door. 


We are confident we can work successfully with you to develop your plush toy idea, no matter how challenging it might be.


Thanks for visiting us.

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