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What will our experience be like working with you?

We strive to produce unique plush toys that will truly evoke an emotion in the hearts of the plush toy buyer, whether it is a child, a grown-up or a corporate customer.    


How do we start?

We prefer to begin working from a good quality drawing or a plush toy prototype. If you do not have either of these, we will be glad to help you to accomplish this part of the plush product's development. You need to have an idea of quantity, quality, and price point (budget) and delivery time.    

Do we make plush toy prototypes free of charge?

Generally we do not make prototypes free of charge. While some companies may do this, it has been our experience that bonafide customers do not mind paying a modest amount to ensure that their prototypes receive the care and attention deserving of their plush toy idea. The fees we charge in large part only cover the courier service to transport the prototypes. We have also found that our manufacturing partners appreciate being compensated, even in a small way, for the careful work they put into the all-important prototype phase of the ideas development. This compensation ensures the necessary attention to the details and reduces the number of times a prototype must be “reworked” or “remodeled”. Also, some companies will offer to do the first prototype for free, but then charge you exorbitantly for the normally required modifications to the prototype. We do not do this and try to keep our design and prototype fees reasonable from the start. 

How much is the prototype fee?
The exact charges for the design or prototype fee depend upon the complexity of your idea or your design. We will be pleased to provide you with a quotation for this after we review your idea, sample or drawings. Once you place an order with us, any prototype fees are credited against your order. We cannot give any credit for drawing costs, however. Prototype fees do not include any costs for testing the finished prototypes to any of the various international standards.

Do you get a discount if you order many designs and prototypes in one or several product lines?

Yes, you will. It will depend on the complication and the quantity of the designs.

Normally we will give 5% off to the first time clients for one design and one piece of prototype. We will give 10% off to the prototypes if the styles or colors are more than three. We will give 20% off for the additional samples of same style.


What makes our company better than others?

Many plush toy development companies are simply trading companies selling plush toys as commodities. Their items lack originality, uniformity or life-likeness. These companies have a very limited ability to effectively communicate with the manufacturer in order to convert the one-dimensional plush idea into the real three-dimensional product as initially envisioned. We are entirely different in that our management team has had many, many years of first-hand experience in all aspects of the plush toy design and manufacturing process. This includes the design, the development and the manufacturing of plush toys. Therefore we are better able to design, plan and execute the creation of a plush toy idea from its concept stage through to the manufacturing of the item. We are fully able to communicate directly in a more effective way with our manufacturing partners in a manner that ensures they will understand exactly how the plush idea is to be manufactured: this ensures that our customer’s idea becomes a reality in a qualitative, timely and cost effective manner.  

How long does it take to develop a plush toy idea?

This depends upon the complexity of the plush toy idea, the number of changes that are made to the prototype and the choice of plush materials. But generally it will take approximately 12-18 weeks. The development and prototype stage will take 3-6 weeks, the production will takes 8-10 weeks and the shipping takes 1-2 weeks.  



What are your payment terms?

We require a deposit at the time of the placing of the order, with the balance paid prior to delivery. We accept checks, money orders, wire transfers and PayPal (credit cards). We will consider the confirmed Irrevocable Letters of Credit (by prior arrangement). We do not offer credit terms.    

Can you make hanging tags and tush tags?

Yes, we can make tags according to your requirements. Once you place an order with us, you can submit your tag designs to us. 

Do you accept samples that are already made?

Yes, we do. When you send us a sample, we will give you a detailed quotation. 


What is the minimum order for the OEM work or customized design?

Generally speaking our minimum order is 3000 pieces per style or 2000 pieces per style x 3 styles above as a combination order or minimum amount is $5,000. The minimum order very much depends upon the size, quality and complexity requirements of the plush item itself. We do not generally accept very small orders, but feel free to check with us on this. As a matter of principle, we will never compromise quantity at the expense of quality and we will never risk our reputation just to make a sale. If we can’t do something, rest assured we will inform you accordingly. After reviewing your plush toy, we can give you an estimate of the minimum quantity necessary for production. 



What is the minimum quantity you have to order if you'd like to wholesale the products in our online catalog?

The MOQ requirement is 100-500 pieces per style or per design or per color depending upon our stock material situation.  

Do your products meet international standards?

Yes, all our products meet the International Safety standards, such as US ASTM F963 and EN71 for European countries.  


Do you supply the product test and report for a custom designed product?

Yes, we do product test for a custom designed product at certified laboratory at additional cost.  


What other services do you supply?

Besides product design, development and mass production, we also offer import & export custom clearance and transportation. We will help you to save on the shipping charges and we will find the best solution for you. If you need temporary storage, we will help you to store the goods no matter it is a short term or long term.   



What Shipping services do you provide?

We provide shipping services on an FOB China basis or, more usually, a CIF United States or other destination basis. We will also arrange customs clearance and transshipping services. We ship all samples and prototypes using international courier services such as FedEx, UPS or DHL. 





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