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Product of Spring  -2018

This spring we will introduce Mr. Biddle Bear which is a classic teddy bear originally from England with an interesting story...Now the story book is available too... All the new clients will get 5% discount for the 1st order.
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 A brief story about Mr. Biddle Teddy Bear:

While studying and travelling in England and Europe, Ms. Anne Mason fell in love with England and anything British, especially their love of teddy bears.

With time on her hands one day, while looking out the window of her home, she remembered her time in England. Putting together her love of children, who all love teddy bears, her writing ability, and an idea, the delightfully wonderful Mr. Biddle along with all his animal friends in the great big forest they called home came into being ... to teach children about some "lessons" of life through a series of books.




Mr. Biddle Teddy Bear & its book
9" and 12"


How to order from us:

Please send your inquiry to sales@dfplush.com and indicate the product name, quantity for each item and the expected delivery time, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for visiting our website and have a wonderful day!  

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