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Steps in Developing a Plush Toy


The main steps are these:


1. Prepare your idea in as much detail as possible.

2. Have a drawing made of your idea.

3. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement with us.

4. Get a pro forma budget quotation from us.

5. Order a prototype.

6. Approve the prototype or make prototype changes.

7. Sign a contract with us and place the order.

8. Shipping of the plush toys from the factory to us.

9. Delivery of the goods to you.


1. Prepare your ideas for your plush toy

You will want to have given a considerable amount of thought as to what kind of plush toy you want to create. The more clearly you have thought out your idea, the easier it will be for us to develop it with you in a timely manner and the better chance it will turn out as, or better, than you expect. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Size of the toy
  • Estimated quantity
  • Quality level  
  • Complexity – this has an important effect on price
  • Image (very helpful if available)


2. Make a Drawing

We cannot emphasize how important this phase of the development process is. The better the drawing and initial concept, the better the final product will be. If you need help making a drawing, we will be pleased to assist you.


3. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement with Us

Before we proceed past this stage, we would sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you. The purpose of this agreement is to protect you, your idea and plush toy image.


4. Get a Pro Forma Quotation

Once you have defined your idea and made a drawing, we can help you choose from the myriad of fabrics available for the production of the product. Afterward we will give you an estimate of the minimum order quantity, the total cost, the time to produce the order and the time for delivery.


5. Order a Prototype

Upon acceptance of our pro forma quotation and after all the design criteria have been established, we will have a prototype made and sent to you. The prototype will be the model for the production run.


6. Approve the Prototype

You may make modifications and changes in the prototype as you desire. This may mean a substitute of materials or actual structural design changes themselves. After the changes are decided upon, we will have another revised prototype made. Making and changing prototypes can be a time consuming process, which is why we will work patiently, but diligently, with you to get the first prototype as correct as possible. However, as your original idea itself grows and changes, once you have the prototype in your hand, you will want to make prototype changes. Plush toy prototypes normally improve greatly through changes from generation to generation. 


7. Place the Order

Based upon the final prototype design, the quantities and the delivery time required, we will sign a contract with you and receive your payment. We will keep you up-to-date as your order is being manufactured.


8. Shipping

We will notify you when the order ships out from the factory and again as it clear customs at the destination port.


9. Delivery

Upon arrival in the port of delivery, we will advise you and coordinate delivery to you. Although this is the end of this order, we stand ready for any sudden reorders or to provide any post sales service help.





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